Learn to Lookup Cell Phone Numbers with this Guide

Learn to Lookup Cell Phone Numbers with this Guide

Mastering the Online Cell Phone Lookup with a White Pages Directory

Only a few years ago, phone books were well thumbed and at-the-ready. Every house used the thick book for its domestic addresses and numbers, deemed the white pages, and its business directory, called the yellow pages. In a pinch, it could be used as a child's booster seat. Now, with landlines going the way of the buffalo, a cell phone directory is in demand, while the traditional white pages lookup has gone digital.

Where do you go if you need a directory today? It depends on the information you need. The first option is to "google" it. By typing a person's name and the word "cell" into Google, your search results may provide you with the number you need. Google will also offer you a number of sites, both paid and unpaid, that allow you to look up a cell phone number with a name, or perform a reverse lookup, meaning that if you have a cell phone number, you can find out to whom it belongs. Also, social media sites like Facebook, Linked In, and MySpace may offer the person's cell phone number on their profile. (If it is not a public profile, you may have to ask the person for access to their page.)

Whitepages.com calls itself the official white pages of the Internet. It allows you to easily lookup a person's landline phone number or address by typing in a first name, last name, city, state, or zip code as always, the more specific you are with your search, the better. It also allows you to do a reverse phone or address search to find the name of a person if you need a name to go with information you already have. This site and similar sites like Yahoo Search and Anywho.com also allow you to look up businesses. By typing phones.whitepages.com/area code, and inputting the three-digit area code of the phone number, the site can tell you the phone's specific geographic area, the phone company, and whether it is a landline or cell phone.

A white pages lookup directory for cell phones is slightly more complicated. Many cell phone companies are asking if you would like to opt-in to a 411 service, which would make your cell phone number part of a white pages directory. If you are using your number for business, this might be a good option. Unlike landlines, which are kept as part of public record, cell phone companies each maintain their own separate and private databases. However, there are free services, such as Intelius.com that allow you to do a reverse search for cell phone numbers, which will allow you to find the cell phone company and geographic location. Cell phone company Verizon Wireless provides a yellow pages and white pages lookup on their site through Superpages.com. It also allows a reverse search for a 10-digit cell phone number.

If none of the options above have obtained results, reversephonedirectory.com and searchdetective.net are popular sites that offer a traditional white pages lookup and a reverse cell phone number directory, with the most detailed information provided for a fee. It is not unusual to have to pay a fee to find someone's cell phone number on the Internet, since information companies have to track down information in a lot of places to create a functional directory. While white pages started as merely a printer's color choice, it set a standard that now dictates hundreds of search sites on the Internet.

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