Find People Using a Cell Phone Directory By Number

Find People Using a Cell Phone

During the last ten years alone, the number of customers that use a cell phone on a regular basis has increased by a very large percentage. In fact, there are numerous individuals, and even some households, who now prefer the use of a cell phone over the use of a landline phone. The convenience, portability, multiple features, and even the price options, make cell phones more desirable to more and more people every year.

In decades past, when most individuals and households used a landline phone, searching for someone's phone number was quite easy. One could look in a phone book or a similar directory, or simply call information, and for a very small charge, find out the desired number in seconds. With cell phones, the situation is very different, and the customer cannot so easily locate phone numbers.

Gaining access to a cell phone directory by number free of charge can be a challenge. In fact, there is no known record of all cell number that has been printed or even published. This is largely due to a few factors. First, cell numbers change very often, and new ones are created on a regular basis, since new accounts are created all the time. Creating a complete directory would be virtually impossible for this reason. Second, the format of a cell phone number is the same as the format for a landline number, and also for fax machines. This would make it very difficult for the publisher of such a directory to select only those numbers that are for a cell phone. The process would take a very long time. Third, cell phone numbers are usually owned by the company that issued them, and while some companies will allow customers to keep their number as they switch to a different company, most company will not allow them to do so. This way, the company itself might not agree to have the number they own published in a certain directory. They would rather provide this information as a service to their own customers, for a fee of course. Currently, there is legislation being proposed which would supposedly give the customer the right to keep their cell phone number as they move from company to company.

When searching for a cell phone directory by number free of any charge, the consumer would have to go about it a different way. Here are at least two ways this could possibly be accomplished.

First, the consumer would have to look online for this information. However, it must be understood that this information will not be located all in one place, as in one website that would publish all this information. Instead, the search has to be broken up into multiple mini searches. One way to find a cell phone number online is by area code. Typing an area code in a search query on the Internet will lead to websites that list groups of area codes by area. These lists will also include the entire number.

Second, the consumer could contact the cell phone company the individual being searched for is with, and ask for this information. In order to get this information for free, the searcher would have to tell the company that they are trying to open an account with them, and want to know if this number is available. Upon confirmation that the number is listed with this specific company, a brief search online would reveal all the information needed.

When looking for a cell phone directory by number free, the searcher is always better to do their own search, instead of expecting to find all the information in one place.

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